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Our 30 Day Money-back Gurantee

Radically Self-disrupt & Go to War for 100% Best Service and Genuine IT Talent!!

Majority of our IT workforce comprises of H1B visa, Green card holders. And, we are significantly vested in their interest and well-being and hence we have started a community website visaxp.com to raise the awareness in the immigrant and non-immigrant community. Many employers involve in the shady techniques of faking the resumes of the IT consultant, and we are disrupting ourselves by not doing any business with other shady consultants and employers. And we only hire competent and genuine IT consultants and take good care of them. Like many others, who claims to be expert at everything, we don’t do that. Our practice area (Oracle/ETL Tools, Big Data , Reporting, Java & ERP ) is well defined. Many companies and consultants do not prefer to work us because we have a very strong work ethics. We are kind of best service paranoid, because we ensure that we provide the right kind of IT consultant and that’s why we screen each third party IT consultant meticulously and back it by 30 Day Money back guarantee.

Make a difference

We donate the 5% of annual gross salary of full time employee to their favorite charity. And, yes, we don’t claim that charitable donation in our accounting books! Instead, we simply cut the bonus check of 5% on behalf of employee. Employee has to just tell the name of their favorite charity.
We don’t want to fill our wallet with the big money, because the life begins from B – (Birth) and concludes at D – (Death), in between there is a C. And, we believe in making our C (the Choices) right whether we are dealing with other Cs – Customers, Clients, and Consultants.

Our 30 Day Money-back Gurantee